The Day of the Doctor: Doctor Who is 50, Let’s Have a Party

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Fans on both sides of the Atlantic are preparing to celebrate the return of the Doctor, Or Doctors, in proper Whovian style.

The 50th Anniversary special of the much loved BBC Original Series Doctor Who has fans of the show gathering en masse to share the experience. According to BBC America, 300 theaters will be presenting ‘The Day of the Doctor’ across the country and in 3D. Those looking for a slightly more intimate experience will be opening their homes to friends and fellow Who-vians. So, don’t own a TARDIS with a theater sized viewing room? No worries.

First rule of any successful party is to dress for success. Through the ages the Doctors have made their mark with unique individual styles, from the massive scarf of Tom Baker’s fourth incarnation to the bow ties and fez of Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor.

Spoilers, Darling

You don’t have to break out the Dalek costume from Halloween, but a fancy dress party (that’s a costume party for those in the States) definitely sets the mood.

Next on your host/hostess list is the menu. Some of the Doctors had a serious sweet tooth, while other resorted to less conventional fare. Themed foods like marshmallow adipose and some good old fashion fish and custard can be fun, and for those with a more refined palate, British inspired party food might be just the thing. BBC America offers up a photo gallery of delectable ideas for any Who-vian host.

Many die hard fans will be, or have been, watching past episodes as a refresher for the 50th anniversary, which promises the return of at least one past Doctor. Don’t have time to re-watch 11 Doctors worth of time travel and saving the universe? Check out 25 Things You Need to Know About Doctor Who, plus the video below from BBC Breakfast, which breaks it all down:

In the end it’s the coming together with friends that matters most. Doctor Who fans will know the shows overwhelming message is love the one you’ve got, and with a change of Doctors on the horizon this is a celebration of what was and what will be.

Happy 50th, Doctor.

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