Doctor Who: The Snowmen Will Introduce a Revamped Theme & Title Sequence

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Last week, we found out that the Doctor's TARDIS will look a bit different beginning with this month's Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Snowmen." Today the BBC revealed that it won't be the show's only change; we'll also be getting a revamped opening title sequence and theme.

Right now the only thing known regarding the new title sequence is that it will be “striking,” “wonderfully dramatic” and feature a couple of “unexpected touches.” The new theme won’t stray too far from the Ron Grainer-composed original, thankfully. So, there’s no need to worry that we’ll get a chopped ‘n screwed version with Mike Jones loudly letting us know we’re listening to the remix over the top of it.

Doctor Who: “The Snowmen” will premiere on the BBC across most territories on December 25. Australia will have to wait until the following day, though. Does the thought of a new companion and a revamped TARDIS, title sequence and theme make you nervous?

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