‘Doomed’ the sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Damned’ gets a release date

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Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk makes good on promise for a Damned trilogy. (Now where the hell is the Rant sequel?)

From Chuck Palahniuk’s Facebook page:

The next book will indeed be DOOMED (the sequel to DAMNED). Will be released in October 2013.

There you have it folks! Doomed is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves this year for all you hardcore Palahniuk fans who’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of this sequel to his last book. Yes, Damned, the particularly subversive novel that followed the tales of eleven year old Madison who goes to hell after the seduction of her adopted brother goes wrong-so wrong she ends up dead. Written in the Judy Blume Are you there God, it’s me Margaret style, the story follows Madison’s misadventures through fields of aborted babies and bodily fluids along with her breakfast club-esque friends who begin to cause a little uprising against Satan himself. Palahniuk sure enjoys creating worlds and stories he believes to be difficult to adapt. (Surely, some sick demented filmmaker out there is determined to make it happen.)

Summary From Official Site The Cult:

The next novel will follow Madison back to earth as a ghost, doomed to haunting her parents for a year. In flashback we see her earlier childhood, including the death of the kitten whose dead body subsequently clogged the plumbing of the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel. That death is not Madison’s doing, but another death is. Whether its murder or self-defense, as a ten-year-old Madison kills someone horrifically, and that’s the most-likely reason why she was damned in the first place. We also begin to recognize a centuries-long conspiracy engineered to train and test Maddy for her role as the savior of all spiritual beings.

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