Double Fine’s Middle Manager of Justice Finally Hits the App Store

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Double Fine Productions' Middle Manager of Justice, their first game for Apple i-Devices, hit the App Store in September. This came as a surprise to everyone, including Double Fine employees. You see, the game was announced in August; however, the release date was never announced. Due to a mistake made in the Apple submission process, a bug-laden version of the game was published to the App Store. The public noticed and began downloading immediately. Those that were able to snag it before it was pulled from the store were treated as Beta Testers.

A bug-free (at the current time, at least) version of Middle Manager of Justice was officially made available today. The game is a microtransaction-supported affair that drops you into the shoes as a middle manager named Middle Manager employed by Justice Crop to hire, train and motivate a group of do-gooders. It’s like Game Dev Story meets Freedom Force and I can already tell it’ll be my next mobile gaming obsession.

If you managed to snag the game during its accidental beta phase, you simply need to update your software to get the official release. Otherwise, you can simply download it from the App Store.

Middle Manager of Justice Trailer:

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