Drive Hard Trailer Revs Up Action Fans’ Engines

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Escape 2000, Dead End Drive-In, BMX Bandits, Night of the Demons 2 and Leprechaun 4 : In Space. You may not immediately see the connection, but fans of cult movies will have already twigged onto what they all share.

Director Brian Trenchard-Smith, the Quentin Tarantino praised filmmaker who has been churning out some incredibly quirky movies since the early ’80s is the link. With an eclectic mix of films already under his belt, it seems he is certainly not stopping anytime soon with the trailer for his new movie Drive Hard, which recently arrived on the internet.

The film pairs Thomas Jane with on/off comedy favorite John Cusack, who both seem to be having fun with this movie. The plot is simple enough, Jane playing Peter Robert, a former Formula One racer who is now a driving instructor, with Cusack playing bank robber Simon Keller, who tricks Peter into performing a heist while out on a routine driving test. Already the plot has that special something that has me (as a low budget fan) enthralled.

The plot has a very ’80s feel to it. A retired expert forced back into a similar job either by circumstance or pressure (or in this case, both) was a staple of pretty much every action movie of that era. With Cusack playing the cool yet badass drifter type character and some great driving scenes added in along the way as well as implausible yet entertaining story elements means this film could be a lot of fun. Trenchard-Smith is a master of melding these kinds of elements together, and this looks to be a fun movie.

drive hard poster 600x888 Drive Hard Trailer Revs Up Action Fans Engines

Image Entertainment are releasing the film, but as of yet no release date is known. This movie may not be to everyone’s taste, with it playing out very much like a simple heist comedy with hints of absurd plot points and lots of silly playfulness included. But it does have a certain charm all to itself, its tongue is placed very firmly in its cheek and with Jane’s ridiculous haircut it is bound to get some chuckles.

Basically the film wears its genre roots on its sleeve, so you know what to expect. With films like The Expendables bringing back this kind of brainless (and I do not mean this in a bad way) action to our screens this could be yet another trip down action movie memory lane.

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