Duo Behind Safety Not Guaranteed Hired to Rewrite Flight of the Navigator Remake

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Remember Disney’s Flight of the Navigator? The 1985 film, which I’ve highly regarded since seeing it as a child, told the story of young boy named David being abducted by a sentient spaceship and brought to his family eight years later without having aged. It has been public knowledge for a while now that the film is being remade; yesterday, Variety broke some news that inspired some fans nervous about the new version to breath a sigh of relief. 

Here’s the news: Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolley, the two men behind this year’s Safety Not Guaranteed, have been hired rewrite Brad Copeland’s Navigator remake script. The plot of their film – an eccentric man attempts to find a time travel companion by placing a classified advertisement – could easily be about Navigator’s David as an adult. I trust them with the film much more than Copeland, whose resume contains one incredible black mark – Tim Allen’s Wild Hogs. He did contribute to Arrested Development and My Name is Earl, though. 

There’s a slight chance that Trevorrow, who both co-wrote and directed Safety, will also helm Navigator. That gives me even more hope that the new version of the film will actually be worth watching. Maybe this will be the first remake that won’t inspire complaints of childhood ruination. 

Flight of the Navigator Original Trailer: 

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