Dutch Windmill Silently Powers Apartment

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Designed by Dutch firm The Archimedes, this windmill is quiet and small enough to power your apartment.

Taking its looks from a Nautilus shell, the Liam F1 Urban Wind Turbine (sounds like a race car) eliminates a lot of the drag created by traditional windmill rotors. This allows the design to be 80% more efficient than current designs, which means a lot of power can be generated in a small package. It also has the ability to change the direction it’s spinning, so as to generate the optimal amount of energy at all times.

With the ability to generate roughly 1,500 kilowatt-hours of energy per year (at a windspeed of 5 m/s), it can single handily meet half the power consumption of the average household. As a bonus, with the windmill measuring in at only 5 feet wide, it’s small enough so that it could also fit on your apartment balcony. Its silent design also means it won’t keep you up through the night, which is a big drawback in conventional windmills.

Although it isn’t officially available until July 1st of this year, the Dutch firm says it has already sold 7,000 turbines in 14 countries. Eventually, you’ll be able to pick up your own for about $5,450 American dollars.

Small turbines like this will hopefully become a common feature throughout cities, and I could easily see them dotting the top of apartment and commercial buildings. If you combined them in use with a couple of solar panels, you could possibly even live completely off the electrical grid.

Take a look at the video above, where you can see the device in action, as well as hear what I can only assume is a ton of unlicensed music. If there’s one thing that makes me think windmill, it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

Image: The Archimedes

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