E3 2013 – Behind the Scenes on The Walking Dead “400 Days”

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One of the most highly acclaimed games of 2012, The Walking Dead from Telltale Games told the story of two characters unrelated to the core story found in the original comic book series, but still managed to engage both gamers and fans of the comic in unexpected ways.

At E3, Telltale gave us a sneak peek at the first part of this new chapter, focusing on one of the five different characters that will likely cross paths as the story continues on the outskirts of Atlanta, at a truck stop. Each of the five chapters can be played in any order, but no matter what you do, expect harsh consequences down the road in Season 2, if not in “400 Days” itself.

In the demo we saw, a young man named Vince is seen gunning down someone in the first few hours after the zombie outbreak, but we don’t know why. While he runs from the crime scene, it quickly becomes apparent that the cops caught up to him, as we next see him in an orange jumpsuit riding in a prison bus with a number of other contentious characters. Needless to say, he doesn’t stay there long as the world unravels around him, forcing him to make a few fateful decisions with the lives of others before he can escape.

Also set in and around Atlanta, Georgia (as the first game and the comic series was), over a period of the first 400 days of the outbreak, a player’s quick eye might notice a few key settings from last year’s title (and possibly a few familiar characters, even though Telltale wouldn’t confirm or deny that). For example, when Vince runs for his life after shooting that person, he passes by the drug store where Lee and Clementine took refuge in the first season of the game.

Also check out the complete official trailer that debuted during E3.

You can get The Walking Dead “400 Days” downloadable content starting this July on Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam. However, it will also debut on the PSVita, bundled with the first season upon release. Watch for The Walking Dead season 2 to arrive by the end of the year.

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