E3 2013 – Into the Pixel, where Video Games Are Art

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Are video games art? To some, the idea is still often dismissed outright as foolish.

To those who have immersed themselves in the culture, whether as developers, designers, or gamers themselves, there is no other way to describe the complexity to be found in even the simplest collection of pixels used to engage our eyes, hands, and minds with other worlds. Decades ago, when the concept of playing games on computers was still in its infancy, no one could have imagined the types of games we’d be playing today, with their rich narratives, fully-realized characters, and mind-bending challenges that engage not just our minds and morals, but also our emotions and so much more.

Every year at E3 in Los Angeles and numerous other locations around the world, Into the Pixel installs a gallery displaying and celebrating the work of the industry’s top video game artists. We got the chance to talk to Martin Rae, president, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences about Into the Pixel and its role in the video game creative community.

For more information, go to http://www.intothepixel.com/

Video Segment Producer: Mauricio Portillo

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