E3 2013′s 15 Most Incredibly Hype Trailers

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E3 2013 has come to a close, gamers.

The next-gen console war has been sent into overdrive, new IPs gave hope to more originality in the industry, and epic announcements surprised us all. After sitting around for a bit and wading through all the new vids that hit the web during the expo, we noticed that a few of them were more exciting and explosive than your average 5-minute movie trailer. Whether it’s because of the top notch graphical fidelity, adrenaline pumping action or appearances of familiar faces, something made each of those trailers pop. Fifteen E3 2013 gaming trailers in particular took our breath away (and our money. GOTTA GET THOSE PRE-ORDERS FINALIZED!!!). These are the trailers that sent our hype levels to a whole ‘nother level.

Isn’t it a great time to be a gamer?

15. LEGO Marvel Superheros – Marvel Best in LEGO Form? Super!

The LEGO brand happens to make a perfect match with Marvel’s finest. The humor stayed intact with this edition, as evidenced by Thor’s quip about Loki’s wants and needs.

14. Titanfall – The Rise of Mechanized Machines and Levitating Grunts

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s new IP appears to be an awesome take on massively multiplayer first person shooters. This first look at the game had us enthralled at first glance.

13. Dark Souls 2 – Is Your Body Ready for This Type of Torture Again?

This sequel is dark, moody, full of grim locales and packed with hard hitting melee combat. The rock tune that accompanies this trailer may be a bit out of place, but the footage itself does its job admirably. 

12. Killer is Dead – Style (And Madness) Are Alive

Suda51′s penchant for incredibly weird games with tons of cool combat and trippy visuals were perfectly represented here. We don’t understand what’s going on, yet we still want to play it.

11. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – Hot Sauce…AND BALLS!

When you put cursing ninjas, the zombie apocalypse, cel-shaded graphics and plenty of hacking ‘n slashing all in one trailer, you’ve got our hard-to-earn attention.

10. Bayonetta 2 – The Witch is Back With A New Hairdo

So we finally get some actual gameplay for this Wii U exclusive. Everything we loved about the first one gets turned up another notch here, plus our favorite witches sport new hairdos and even more damaging magic attacks.

9. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – More Characters and More Costumes

This trailer is the equivalent of your average martial arts flick highlights vid on YouTube. Only difference is more guys and gals are falling from long distances and catching uppercuts into the clouds. All these new characters and costumes makes us happy!

8. Battlefield 4 – The Siege of Shanghai Michael Bay Trailer

Explosions? CHECK! Bass heavy music? CHECK! Tanks and helicopters? DOUBLE CHECK! Now that we know we can demolish buildings and parachute out of them, we’re going to be quite busy with this game’s multiplayer.

7. Mirror’s Edge 2 – A Sleeper Hit Is Reawakened 

All the rumor roundups for this game ended up being true. We’re glad EA is taking another stab at making this parkour-inspired game more appealing and successful. The fast paced movement and action of the original looks even more engaging for this sequel. This debut trailer got us pumped!

6. Batman: Arkham Origins – The Joker’s Here to Blow Up Stuff

Batman’s favorite arch-nemesis makes a welcome appearance in this new trailer. The new process of solving mysteries and tagging bad guys together with new gadgets also got our hype levels to dangerous levels. The new voice actors are just fine with us, thank you.

5. Metal Gear Solid V – A Perfect Mix of An Epic Movie/Video Game Trailer

Wow. Just…wow. Hideo Kojima and his development team have their trailer making abilities down to a T. This epic montage of horse back riding, espionage and emotional reunions kind of brought a tear to our eye.

4. Final Fantasy XV – The Move From “Versus” to 15

So it’s official – this is now the 15th main game in Square Enix’s legendary RPG series. We’re glad they made this one an official sequel. The awesome mix of action RPG gameplay, massive bosses and more fluid traversal methods all make us excited for this series’ next-gen debut.

3. Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U – MEGA MAN!

The initial look at this sequel to the Nintendo battle royale was indeed awesome. But the amazing introduction of Mega Man made us back flip off of our couches and replay this vid a million times more! Look at his jump! They got his 8-bit mannerisms down pat.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3 – We finally got it, guys!

They. Finally. Showed It. ABOUT DAMN TIME. As soon as that Disney logo popped on the screen, our jaws hit the floor. Sora is back to smash some Heartless. The wait for this is going to be even more brutal now that we know its real.

1. Killer Instinct – The epic return of the Ultra Combo

The return of a beloved fighting game series was the main topic of discussion among old school gamers at E3 2013. Once that familiar announcer started talking and that famous logo flashed up on the screen, nerdgasms across the nation occurred at a higher rate than usual.

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