E3 2014: Electronic Arts Press Conference Recap

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E3 2014 got off to a great start with Microsoft's Xbox press conference, but after the dust had settled and the first wave of announcements ended, Electronic Arts had their moment to share their biggest games for the next year and half.

As always, EA’s E3 conference this year covered a wide variety of genres, detailing updated sports titles, shooters and smaller, more innovative IP. Gamers were treated to development diaries and concept art for heavy hitters like Mirror’s Edge 2 and the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront. Here’s a recap of the best moments we caught on the press conference live-stream:

Star Wars: Battlefront

Developer: DICE
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: TBA
The gaming public has been awaiting word on this massive multiplayer Star Wars shooter since E3 2013. This year EA wasted no time in getting us the info we wanted by showing everyone a look at the game’s progress. DICE wants to capture the spirit and overall visual aesthetic of that galaxy far, far away, which is why they visited LucasArts archives for inspiration. The speeder bike scene was just a quick, yet amazing look at what we can expect to play come 2015.

Mirror’s Edge 2

Developer: DICE
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: TBA
Summary: It was nice to see and hear that DICE is retaining the beautiful art design and parkour elements for the next-gen version of Mirror’s Edge. Series protagonist Faith could be seen running, jumping, climbing and disarming masked baddies in some sweet conceptual footage from the cult hit’s sequel.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Developer: BioWare
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4, PC
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Summary: The lengthy chunk of EA’s conference that focused on Dragon Age: Inquisition was quite possibly the best part of the show. After playing a gorgeous CG trailer for the game, EA demoed a new section of gameplay that cemented excitement of the finale of the fantasy trilogy. With new characters who Bioware claim are completely unique from one another, and enormous dragons like the Fereldan Frostback shown above, Inquisition is one of the most thrilling titles EA is releasing this year.

Mass Effect 4

mass effect 41 600x392 E3 2014: Electronic Arts Press Conference Recap

Developer: BioWare
Platforms: TBA
Release Date: TBA
Summary: While no gameplay or CG trailer of the next Mass Effect was shown this week, Bioware released a sort of developer diary (We’ve shown you the Mass Effect 4 footage already) on their goals and progress for creating a brand new Mass Effect world. The studio is working hard to push the series with new characters, choices and planets to explore. Shepard’s story arc has concluded, which means a new hero/heroine will take the mantle as the universe’s ultimate savior. Not a whole lot was revealed, but we’re just happy to see that Mass Effect 4 is actually becoming a reality.

Battlefield: Hardline

Developer: Visceral Games
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC
Release Date: October 21, 2014
Summary: Explosions. Blaring cop car sirens. Erupting gunfire. This is what Battlefield: Hardline’s portion had to offer. This new take on the military FPS franchise showcased a Payday-esque change in gameplay. Bank robbers looked to escape with their stolen cash intact while the police sought to take them down. Once the exciting gameplay demo came to an end, EA dropped a few more bombs – the beta is now available for PS4/PC users. Battlefield: Hardline looks like the ultimate Cops & Robbers power fantasy.

Along with these impressive looking next-gen releases, EA showcased a number of other upcoming titles. Check out the full list below for the rest of the announcements made during Electronic Arts’s stage show:

Electronic Arts’ E3 2014 show may not have been as entertaining as Microsoft’s, but it still held its own thanks to new looks into the future of Dragon Age, Mass Effect and more. The sports gaming portion of the press conference was slightly dull at points but EA made sure to balance that with some of their more wildly popular fantasy titles, keeping investors and fans’ attention. We hope you’re playing the Battlefield: Hardline beta as we speak – It looks like EA’s going to get a piece of the 2014 gaming pie with this cops ‘n’ robbers take on the FPS franchise.

What is your most anticipated game from EA’s 2014 E3 conference? Let us know in the comments below or join in on the discussion on our GEEK Facebook page!

Images: Electronic Arts, Bioware

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