Earth Defense Force 2025 Multiplayer Preview

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Keeping the Earth safe from invading aliens and enormous bugs is a pretty tough job.

With the upcoming Earth Defense Force 2025 making its way over to US shores real soon, gamers will have to call upon their finest teammates for some 4-player co-op mayhem. This is the first time that EDF will offer players the option to hop online and tackle some missions together.

This, my friends, is the biggest blessing this series could have ever received.

During my demo playthrough of the game, I was given the option of choosing among the four classes of EDF members (Ranger, Air Raider, Wing Diver, and Fencer). My initial choice ended up being the heavy grunt class known as the Fencer. Don’t worry, though – after every completed or failed mission, you’re given the option of selecting another class. My massive Fencer came equipped with 4 separate equipment slots. With over 700 weapons available at my disposal, it was tough to choose which ones I wanted to take with me in to battle.

MP EDF 1 Earth Defense Force 2025 Multiplayer Preview

After much deliberating, I equipped my Fencer with a heavy machine gun, a missile launcher, a melee focused lance attachment and a shield. My three other compatriots joined me in battle as we entered a city being overrun by giant robots. The familiar carnage of past games returns here, so longtime players will enjoy it even more with their friends in tow. Buildings exploded, the screen shook and my controller vibrated violently as we all blasted those robotic enemies to pieces. For those of you who love to loot, there’s plenty of items laying around for you to pick up once your enemies are laid to waste.

The online multiplayer options provide players with pretty cool opportunities to team up and work as a well-oiled machine… literally. The Air Raider has the ability to call down massive mechanized battle suits to their location. Me and another fellow Ranger hopped into the huge robot’s rocket launcher shoulder mounts and shot down giant wasps as our commanding Air Raider was at the helm of the robot’s movement controls. When things start to get out of hand (which they tend to do regularly), having a giant robot at your side is always a viable offensive option.

MP EDF 4 600x337 Earth Defense Force 2025 Multiplayer Preview

EDF 2025 is the type of game that will test even the most ardent bro-mances out there. Hooking up with three of your most loyal buddies and blasting giant spiders with ridiculous webbing sounds like a roaring good time. After sitting down with the extended multiplayer demo, I found out that it definitely is.

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