Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man Finally Gets a Release Date

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At long last, we finally have a release date for the Marvel Studios' Ant-Man film. Via press release, Walt Disney Co. revealed earlier today that the film would finally be in theaters on November 5, 2015. For those keeping score, that’s roughly seven months after Avengers 2 debuts. Does that mean occasional Avenger Hank “Ant-Man” Pym will pop up in the aforementioned sequel? Nothing has been confirmed, but, with the studio’s track record and Pym’s close ties to the super team, it will undoubtedly happen.

Ant-Man will be directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) from a script he co-wrote with frequent collaborator Joe Cornish (Attack the Block). At the San Diego Comic-Con in July, Wright appeared during a Marvel panel to show off test footage from the film that garnered a fair amount of acclaim. The clip never officially made it to the internet, but you can see a fan re-creation of it at the bottom of this post.

There were two additional bits of Marvel-related news in Disney’s press release: Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World will be released (but not shot) in 3D. Big surprise, right? Thankfully, post-conversion technology has improved immensely since the release of Clash of the Titans 3D.

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