Edge of Tomorrow: Final Trailer Channels ‘All You Need Is Kill’

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The ambitious sci-fi Tom Cruise flick Edge of Tomorrow has been on our radar ever since the original trailer made its first debut, and the snippets released pending its June 6 release have only gotten better and better.

Here is the newest Edge of Tomorrow trailer:

These four new clips from the film highlight the camaraderie that eventually builds between Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) and Rita Vritaski (Emily Blunt). It’s the same kind of relationship seen in the original manga series All You Need Is Kill, written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and illustrated by Yoshitoshi ABe (Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei). Originally having begun life as a Japanese light novel, the manga adaptation actually came first, with the American film adaptation added into the rotation as of June 2014.

All You Need Is Kill 300x457 Edge of Tomorrow: Final Trailer Channels All You Need Is KillAll You Need Is Kill follows United Defense Force recruit Keiji Kiriya, who’s tasked with fighting off a bizarre race known as the “Mimics.” Their namesake refers to the frustrating ability to recreate the strategies of Earth’s military, allowing them to respond and destroy opposing forces quickly. When Keiji heads out to start the extermination mission, he’s killed nearly instantly. Strangely, he comes back to live by waking up the day before the fatal battle ever took place. He eventually dies again, but he continues to wake up again and again, caught in a loop that never closes. Like some sick version of Groundhog Day, he struggles to make sense of the hand fate has dealt him while battling the Mimics and growing closer to U.S. special forces Rita Vrataski, or the “Full Metal Bitch.”

Name changes and obvious cultural differences aside, the two properties share many of the same plot lines and characters, except there’s a much more somber tone to the manga and novel than what I can discern from the trailers. There appears to be a dearth of supporting cast from the novel, such as Rita’s mechanic Shasta or the buxom Rachel Kisaragi.

All You Need Is Kill’s manga adaptation originally ran from January 14, 2014 all the way up to May 29, 2014, and comprises one volume as well as the light novel that spawned it all, so this is a fairly short media franchise to get into if the film ends up tickling your fancy, as we surmise it may. It’s clear from what little I’ve seen of the film so far through these trailers that there’s been more than a few attempts to “Americanize” both the plot and its central characters, but as long as the two main protagonists’ relationship is preserved, this is one manga to feature film adaptation I can get behind. If you’re a fan of the original media and aren’t quite sure if you want to give the American film a try, give these clips a watch and see how you feel.

We’ll be able to give the American version of the gory Japanese tale a spin once Edge of Tomrrow finally drops in theaters on June 6, which is this Friday – not too much longer to wait to evaluate it properly.

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