“Enter the Dragon: A Photographer’s Journey” Available for Pre-Order Now!

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For Bruce Lee and martial arts movie fans, it doesn't get much better than Enter the Dragon. Now forty years after the film's release, photographer Dave Friedman is making available to fans a collection of his photos in a limited number of signed books featuring his experiences working with Bruce Lee during the production.  

Old friends, Dave had first met Bruce when Lee played Kato on the Green Hornet television series. The two remained friends long after it ended, even after Bruce found it difficult to find work in America, forcing him to move back to Hong Kong.  While Dave did visit Bruce in Hong Kong over the years, their professional schedules never seemed to match up. But when Warner Bros asked Friedman to work on Enter the Dragon based on his experience with Lee and his trips to Hong Kong, he jumped at the chance.

enter the dragon book bruce lee 300x297 Enter the Dragon: A Photographers Journey Available for Pre Order Now! The film itself was an absolute joy to work on and Bruce was a real professional to work with. He knew everyone’s lines, knew what everyone was supposed to do and choreographed all of the fight scenes. Bruce was the real deal and could do more than what he showed in the film. He had the best control of his body of anyone that I have ever known. Bruce once told that he could kill a person ten different ways before he hit the ground and I sure as hell believed him.
- Excerpt from Dave Friedman’s blog 

Now, for the first time anywhere, Dave Friedman is sharing his experiences and the images from those months in Hong Kong shooting Enter the Dragon in a limited edition book featuring 260 pages of exclusive photos, studio memos, personal reminiscences, and more.

For the ultra-fans of Enter the Dragon, Dave is making available a SIGNED hardcover edition for pre-order starting May 15th.

This signed and numbered hardcover edition is limited to only 2,000 copies and contains tons of never-before-seen images from the production.  Click the image below to visit the official site and order yours before they sell out! There are no plans for a softcover edition.

enter the dragon book 600x774 Enter the Dragon: A Photographers Journey Available for Pre Order Now!

Images: Dave Friedman

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