Evangeline Lilly in Talks to Join Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man

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Could she be playing the Wasp or an entirely new character?

It looks like Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Lost) might be joining Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas in Marvel Studios Ant-Man, directed by Edgar Wright. While early assumptions pointed towards the role of the Wasp, it might not be the Janet van Dyne we would expect.

Evangeline Lilly in Talks for Ant Man Evangeline Lilly in Talks to Join Edgar Wrights Ant ManWright’s Ant-Man has already changed a few key things about the character, with Rudd’s Scott Lang playing the lead and Douglas’ Hank Pym as the Ant-Man of the past, as opposed to their similar ages in the comics. This generational gap offers interesting new avenues to the story, and Variety reports that Evangeline Lilly may actually be playing the daughter of Pym, and the love interest of Scott Lang.

Which initially seems to contradict the Wasp rumor, unless we are going to see a significant change in the character of Janet van Dyne. Janet was a founding member of the Avengers along with Hank Pym, and the two have a long and tumultuous relationship with each other, and sometimes with the Avengers. Fans have been waiting eagerly to see the Wasp on the big screen, but with Michael Douglas’ version of Ant-Man set in the ’60s there may be a need to introduce the character differently.

Whether it’s as the daughter of Pym or a legitimate Janet van Dyne, we are excited to see Lilly join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any capacity. While fans of the Wasp character may be against such a crucial change as this one (which would possibly be the biggest departure in the MCU from the original character), some could argue that it’s more important to see the character on screen than to stick heavily to the origin of the character.

Wap Ultimate Universe Evangeline Lilly in Talks to Join Edgar Wrights Ant Man

We still have to wait for official confirmation, as Marvel has yet to issue a statement. As always we will keep you updated as the story develops.

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