Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot Wraps Filming

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Fantastic Four assemble?

Josh Trank‘s new Fantastic Four reboot wrapped filming this week. Kate Mara, who plays Sue Storm AKA Invisible Woman, posted a group selfie of the movies four stars on Twitter.

The film, which also stars Miles Teller (Divergent), Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle), and Toby Kebbell as Victor Von Doom, will reportedly reflect Trank’s found footage style that fans of his work on Chronicle will recognize. While the style, which uses hand held cameras to layer an element of reality throughout a film, often gets mixed reactions, given that some audience members are not comfortable with the more jolting motion of the footage. The fact that Fox is allowing Trank to put his own spin on the story promises a darker, more realistic envisioning of the four famed heroes.

While Hollywood seems to be in a bit of a comic book film renaissance, 20th Century Fox is taking their few comic properties seriously, investing in re-envisioning the Fantastic Four franchise, and continuing the X-Men franchise with the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as another stand alone Wolverine movie and other rumored spin-offs. Fantastic Four, which will premiere June 19th 2015, is already set for a sequel. Fox has yet to announce a title or a hero for their last planned Marvel movie, set for July 13, 2018, though they have announced its mysterious existence.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Emma Watts, President of Production for Fox, talked Fantastic Four, among other things. In the interview she makes note of the new trend in film making to hire writers, directors and actors who take things to a new level, and how bringing in the next generation of innovative filmmakers like Trank is the key to success.

“To me, the key is the originality of the filmmakers and the choices they make. Josh is another really interesting example, who is using the vision he gave us in Chronicle to reinvent a franchise he’s loved his whole life. It’s not that you can’t make original ideas – you can, and we did it with Chronicle. The director is the key to not letting superhero movies go stale. That’s the truth.”

The movie itself has not released any official images, and yet if the buzz on the project is any indication of the movies coming success, it does seem that what Watts called “a big bet” will pay off.

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