Fin Puts Technology At Your Fingertips, Literally

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Technology is already an ever present aspect of our lives, and for the most part is easily controlled. However, the guys behind Fin are taking gesture control to the next level.

In their Indiegogo campaign, the men of Fin describe a familiar situation. You are jogging, listening to music, and inevitably a song comes on you aren’t in the mood to listen to. In order to skip it, you must take your phone from your pocket, go to the app, and hit the skip button. Their product looks to change that.

Fin is a ring you wear on your thumb that tracks your movement in order to control things such as volume and even the ability to answer or reject calls. As of now the functionality is limited to only smartphones (although we hesitate to say “only”), but the developers state that compatibility with Smart TV‘s is planned for the future. Not only that, but the ability to control games with just a swipe of your thumb could be right around the corner.

Amazingly, everything needed to power and run the Fin, is contained in the unit. FIN 600x342 Fin Puts Technology At Your Fingertips, Literally

A lithium ion battery, charged by a micro usb, which is purported to last an entire month when fully charged, the bluetooth unit, and the various sensors, including a biometric sensor for the ability to read fingerprints are all neatly assembled inside the rather smallish device.

Often with Kickstarter or indiegogo projects, the products are from small startups that no one has ever heard of, and in most cases, will never hear from again. Fin departs from that mold in that they were voted one of the Top 15 Startups of 2014 at the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES 2014.

With perks for donations from as low as $2 to as much as $3,050, there are plenty of opportunities for you to help this product find its way to store shelves.

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