First Footage from Fox’s Axe Cop Animated Series Debuts

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Axe Cop, the delightful comic co-created by artist Ethan Nicolle and his 5-year old brother Malachai, will be the centerpiece of Fox’s new Saturday night “Animation Domination line-up. While this has been known for several months now, we haven’t yet had a good luck at the series. That changes today, my friends.

The clip below mimics the “Ask Axe Cop” feature that the Nicolle Brothers post every so often on the site. Our hero (voiced exceptionally well by Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman) takes time out of his busy day to answer a fan’s question about how he spends Halloween.

If you’re unfamiliar with Axe Cop, here’s a plot synopsis: Axe Cop is a police officer that dispenses justice using an axe in lieu of a handgun. Assistance is offered by the likes of Flute Cop, Telescope Gun Cop, Ralph Wrinkles and a handful of others. Their Rogue’s Gallery is equally as colorful.

Here’s hoping the show lives up to the hilarity on display in this clip. Could Fox finally be on their way to recapturing the magic of The Tick? We will find out when the show debuts in early 2013.

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