First Look at Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Rhino

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Whether you liked it or not, a sequel to Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man is on the way to movie theaters in May, 2014—and over the weekend, the director tweeted a photo of what one of the movie’s villains will look like when the film hits the silver screen.

On Saturday, Webb tweeted, “Say hello to Aleksei Sytsevich,” along with the picture at the top of this post. Fans of Spider-Man and the rest of his rogues gallery know that “Aleksei Sytsevitch” is the civilian name of the Rhino, a hulk of a villain who’s impenetrable hide was grafted onto his body after an experiment went wrong.

As you can see, Sytsevich is being played by Paul Giamatti, who may or may not be working in concert with Jamie Foxx’s Electro. One thing’s for sure, though: chances are the final, post-transformation Rhino will be made with CG, rather than makeup effects, with Giamatti lending his voice to the final rendering. Why is that sure? Because at five-foot-nine Giamatti’s a bit on the small side — well, at least compared to the Rhino, who’s known for being enormous. Chances are good that we’ll get some top-notch voice work out of him in the final cut of the movie, but we’d be surprised to see him covered from head to toe in a Rhino suit, especially considering the nearly all-CG Lizard from the first Amazing Spider-Man.

What do you think of Giamatti in the picture above? Rhino or not… he looks like the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Source: Director Marc Webb @ Sony

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