First Teaser for CW’s The Flash, And He’s Showing Up Oliver Queen…

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The CW, once known for its sappy-ish smart girl comedies, is becoming a geeks paradise.

The CW announced this week that alongside the likes of Arrow and Supernatural, viewers will have The Flash to look forward to. An Arrow spin off, The CW has so much faith in the new series they have shifted their schedule to put it alongside fan favorite Supernatural. Here’s a sneak peek.

The Flash takes the Tuesday 8pm time slot once held by The Originals, which will be moved to Monday nights. Supernatural will maintain its spot at 9pm on Tuesdays, Vampire Diaries on Thursday and Arrow staying put on its spot on Wednesdays.

While The Flash has been given a prime time slot, the show will still have to earn the viewers. As a spin off of a show with a solid fan-base,The CW feels that viewership will not be a problem.

The Flash CW Reveals First Image of Grant Gustin in the Full Suit 600x372 First Teaser for CWs The Flash, And Hes Showing Up Oliver Queen...

Grant Gustin will lead the show, reprising his take on Barry Allen, introduced on Arrow, with a cast including Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, a man who acted as father to Allen and father of his closest friend iris West, played by Candice Patton.

Tom Cavanagh has also been tapped to play Harrison Wells, S.T.A.R Labs top physicist, leading to the murmurs in the fan world that The Flash promises to include more comic book magic (or science) than the more grounded approach taken by Arrow.

Hartley Rathaway, otherwise known as the Pied Piper, and best known as a pain in the Flash’s backside, has yet to be cast. Way back in February The Hollywood Reporter announced it was the only role not yet cast, and little has been said on the subject since. This could mean one of two things. One, the CW is waiting for a big reveal when it comes to the rival of the Flash, or two, they have yet to find an actor to take on the role of the blind prodigy.

The Flash will air Tuesdays at 8pm this fall on the CW.

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