First Teaser Trailer for Doctor Who Season Eight Released

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Whovians rejoice! The first teaser trailer for Doctor Who season eight has been released!

Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Well, maybe not dead, but you might miss the teaser. While it boasts a full 15 seconds in length, the actual content runs only about three seconds. We see a figure standing in the TARDIS, silhouetted by flames. The lights flicker. And then… “The New Doctor Lands This August.”

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. Presumably the shadowy figure is the 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. There’s no new information about release dates, or what it means for American audiences. One question does immediately come to mind: why is the TARDIS on fire?

peter capaldi s doctor who costume revealed First Teaser Trailer for Doctor Who Season Eight Released

cult doctor who jenna louise coleman First Teaser Trailer for Doctor Who Season Eight ReleasedWhat we already know: Jenna Coleman (right) will be playing the companion Clara Oswald. Samuel Anderson plays Danny Pink, a teacher and possibly a companion. Will he be more like Mickey and desperately vie for the heart of the Doctor’s chosen traveler? Or will he be a Jack Harkness, stealing and rebuking the hearts of women through time and space (mostly here on Earth, watching BBC)?

Speaking of heart-stealing, how will a new, older Doctor stand up against Matt Smith’s energetic, youthful portrayal? Is it high-time for BBC to go back to its roots with an older, more mature Doctor? Or will we miss the sexually charged interactions between the similarly-aged companion and The Doctor?

With Steven Moffat still safely involved in the Whovian universe, fans are approaching this new era with cautious optimism. We’ll hopefully get more details as the convention season gets going in full-force, but one thing’s for sure: the teaser trailer is certainly a tease!

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