First Trailer Released for Nicolás López’s Aftershock, Starring Eli Roth

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What's the easiest way to make your film appeal to the youth? Why, mentioning apps and indie stations, of course! Eli Roth does just that within the opening seconds of the first trailer for Nicolás López's Aftershock, a horror film co-written by Roth, Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo.

Here’s the plot: a group of attractive travelers (including Roth and Selena Gomez) visit an exotic locale (Chile) and get stuck in an underground club during a massive earthquake. This disaster, it turns out, isn’t 100% natural; some of the friendlies turn into deranged lunatics by trailer’s end.

Aftershock has played a number of festivals in the United States and abroad, but it has yet to be officially released. Dimension has picked it up for distribution and will be releasing it in the states next year, though. If I see it, I’ll likely wait for it to be available on video so that I’m able to skip past the gratuitous violence and aforementioned app & indie station references. How about you?

Here’s the VERY Not Safe For Work trailer:

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