FLIR ONE: Thermal Imaging For Your iPhone

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Like something Jason Bourne would have in his cool-guy spy kit, the FLIR ONE is the first ever thermal imaging device for your iPhone.

FLIR ONE detects infrared energy and converts it into an electronic signal, allowing you to see in the dark, observe invisible heat sources, compare relative temperatures, see through smoke, and even see through some materials.

flir 1 FLIR ONE: Thermal Imaging For Your iPhone

The device attaches to your iPhone 5 or 5s like a protective case does. It displays a live thermal image on the phone’s screen and is capable of capturing still images and videos. Captured images are directly saved to the camera roll and can be easily shared on your favorite social media apps.

FLIR points out that, “Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely measured, allowing you to use the FLIR ONE in a variety of practical and fun ways by revealing a thermal world not visible to the unaided eye.” It powers itself so there is no additional power drain on your phone. An onboard battery source powers the device for more than two hours of continuous use and in fact, can also be configured to boost your phone’s battery life by 50 percent if needed.

The FLIR ONE will be released during Spring 2014 for a price just shy of $350. Good news for Android users, FLIR ONE will be made available for select Android models and will be available later in the year. FLIR reports that a software development kit to develop FLIR ONE apps will be available in Q1 2014. We look forward to seeing what apps come out for this innovative device.

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