Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale

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Japanese Cinema + Graphic design + Comic Books + a S@#t load of music. This is how Fonotune creator Fabian Huebner is describing his new Kickstarter funded film.

Fabian Huebner is best known for his work on the documentary Visiting Uwe, in which the film crew spends the day with the infamous director of the bizarre film Postal.

While Huebner’s recognizability¬†has given a boost to Fonotune‘s¬†Kickstarter, the latest addition to the cast, Japanese rock and roll legend Guitar Wolf Sheiji has pushed their total beyond the expected $33k, prompting the production company to raise their limit to $45k.

The futuristic film takes place in a mystery world that could well be our own future. In the bleak setting of a stark urban world, the characters – the street hooker Stereo(Yuho Yamashita), the lo-fi cowboy Analog (Kazushi Watanabe), and the silent drifter Mono (Huebner) – make their way through the weird world to deliver tapes to a mystery man. The world we visit is so disconnected humans have stopped communicating with each other, each person going through life with headphones on, blocking out everything but the music.

The music of the film is so important it seems to be somewhat of a character in its own right. As the characters experience strange and unusual things, the audience will pick up that something rather important has been overlooked – the end of the world.

The mismatched trio ultimately meet Blitz (Guitar Wolf Seiji), the man who wanted the tapes, though you’ll have to wait for the film to find out just why he wanted them.

Fonotune seems to be more of an experience than a film, with attention being paid to the design of every element of the unique world.

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Impressions from the film at FNTNISM – A Fonotune Motion Graphic Exhibit (Image: Energeia Films, Inc.)

On board to create the sound track are Electro-Disco producer and DJ Anton Maiof, electronic music group Overthrill, and indie group Audiolith.

While the film has no release date, the Fonotune Kickstarter says they are in the home stretch of filming. This unique new film is definitely worth looking out for.

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