Forget Me Not: Development of Memory Aid for Alzheimer Patients

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This wearable memory device hopes to ease the suffering of dementia and Alzheimer patients by helping them remember.

Developed by Starship Group, this technology company is the vision of gaming industry veteran Martin Kenwright. Having developed F22: Air Dominance Fighter and Wargasm with his studio Digital Image Design, he then moved on to create Evolution Studios where he designed the Playstation 3 launch title MotorStorm. Kenwright would then leave the industry in 2007, when he sold Evolution Studios to Sony so that he could take time off to take care of family members who were suffering from dementia.

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However, with his new company Starship Group, Kenwright has begun to develop the Forget Me Not, which is touted as a wearable second brain. He hopes that in the future wearable devices become as common as smartphones, and that memory aids themselves with be as common as hearing aids in 5 to 10 years.

With 33 million people affected every year with dementia and Alzheimer related issues, Kenwright questions the $40 billion dollars being spent annually on a plethora of “wonder” drugs. He believes tools and devices can be just as, if not more effective, and will allow dementia sufferers to live fuller lives.

While the device is currently in the conceptual stage, it won’t take the form of a clunky VR headset. Instead, it is based around a proven game technology, though they don’t seem to be giving up any of their secrets quite yet.

If you are wishing to learn more about the device, you can sign up through their website, where you can be kept up to date via a mailing list. If I were to hazard a guess as to what the device will be though, I’d think it would have to do something with Augmented Reality technology.

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