Fox Debuts New Horror Tumblr Blog

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Just in time for Halloween, Fox has decided to stick their toes in the tumblr waters.

Don’t know what tumblr is? Well simple put, it is the home of fandoms. Movies, TV shows, actors, musicians, breakfast cereals… if you are a fan of something, you can be pretty certain that you’ll find someone else who likes it on tumblr. The users of the site often come together to express their excitement or grief in various gifs or cleverly crafted text posts (you should have seen the Anna Torv fandom freak with the release of the Heavenly Sword trailer).

In recent years, more and more companies, news outlets, and websites have jumped on the tumblr train. There are obsessive fanbases just waiting and willing to reblog anything you have to offer. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a thing? Well the fine folks at Fox have decided that it was time for them to join the fray and they are doing so in fine fashion.

carrie Fox Debuts New Horror Tumblr Blog

Credit to: Fox Horror

They recently started their own blog at and it features some of the creepy, crawly, bloody, and brutal things we love about the horror genre. The first genre specific tumblr for the studio, it features content from both the studio and fans alike. So to get in the Halloween mood, head over there today, check them out, and follow!

While there, you might as well go ahead and follow GEEK Magazine as well.

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