Fox May Produce Top Cow’s Theory of Everything

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Deadline reports that Fox is in the process of closing a deal for the film rights to Top Cow's Theory of Everything.

The book – a tale about a dimension-hoping scientist named Charles Witten on a quest to save his wife, whom he thought was dead – was birthed by the creative team of Dan Casey and Thomas Nacklick. Theory of Everything #1 released in 2011 as part of Top Cow’s “Pilot Season,” the publisher’s fifth-annual promotion in which they debut several new books and ask readers to vote on which one should become an ongoing series. Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley’s The Beauty ended up getting the most votes that year; it has yet to be optioned as a film, though. I’m sure having their creation on track to become a major motion picture makes losing a little easier to take.

The film’s production team is made up of American Beauty’s Dan Jinks, Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri & Matt Hawkins and Nick Nantell. Its script will be written by Dan Casey. No one else has attached themselves to the project yet. Who do you think should helm and/or star in it?

If you’re interested in checking out Theory of Everything at this juncture, you might have to pay a premium. It’s out-of-stock through most of the retailers I use. Top Cow does, however, release yearly trades featuring their “Pilot Season” contenders. I expect the 2011 edition will hit stores soon.

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