Fox Sets Premiere Date for Axe Cop Animated Series

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Fox's Axe Cop cartoon finally has a premiere date - July 27!

The show, an adaption of Ethan and Malachai Nicolle’s web comic of the same name, stars Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation) as the titular dispenser of justice. He’s joined by Megan Mullaly, Patton Oswalt and Ken Marino. It will air as part of Fox’s new Saturday night block of cartoons, Animation Domination High Definition (ADHD, get it?).

Everyone reading this is probably aware of what Axe Cop is; for those who don’t, here’s a summary: it’s about a cop named Axe Cop that fights crime with an axe. He encounters several characters along the way that rival The Tick’s cohorts and foes in eccentricity. The premise was concocted by Malachai Nicolle at the age of 5; his brother, professional comic artist Ethan, provided the art. Axe Cop went live in 2009 and has went on to achieve an impressive amount of success.

A few weeks ago, YouTube animation network Rugburn launched Axe Cop: The Beginning, an animated web series directly adapting the Nicolle’s original work. I’ve embedded its zero episode along with a Halloween short produced by Fox with this post. Check ‘em out and let us know what you think.

Rugburn’s Axe Cop: The Beginning:

Fox’s Ask Axe Cop: Halloween:

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