FOX Unleashes The New 24 Trailer, Chloe Unleashes the Eye Shadow

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Back in the first season of 24, episodes opened with our hero of the day remarking, "I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer and today is the longest day of my life."

Day One was just the start. For eight seasons– and one TV movie– Bauer’s days got progressively worse. He lost family, friends, and loved ones. Despite every possible obstacle thrown in his way, he managed to stop cataclysmic events from falling, or, least managed to lessen the blow. He is the guy who saves the day, but at personal costs that are enormous. Now, Bauer is a fugitive.

24: Live Another Day is set four years after the original show’s eighth season. A lot has changed in that time. FOX’s latest trailer gives a glimpse into Bauer’s new world. Clocking in at two minutes and twenty-one seconds, the trailer is fast-paced, but, overall, fairly informative. We know that Jack Bauer is on the lam and that authorities have just identified him. They are now in pursuit and it appears that the former CTU agent will be captured. The new White House Chief of Staff, played by Tate Donovan, calls him “a traitor and a psychopath.” Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt), who has been leading the CIA  hunt, tells Jack that “his country now labels him a criminal, a terrorist.” We see that James Heller, the former Secretary of Defense and the father of Jack’s ex-girlfriend, Audrey, is now president. It looks like Jack will be interrogated, but, maybe, that doesn’t happen. Will Chloe O’Brien save Jack?  And did we mention that Audrey, who hasn’t been seen since the sixth season, is back? Of course, if you’ve seen previous 24 trailers, this isn’t totally new to you.

Drones are a big deal in this new world, bringing out masses with protest signs. Oh, yeah, and there’s talk of an assassination attempt that looks to be bigger than any we’ve seen in past seasons. Jack tells Chloe, “If an American president is assassinated on foreign soil, you’re looking at a world war.”

24 live another day poster 600x888 FOX Unleashes The New 24 Trailer, Chloe Unleashes the Eye Shadow

Chloe accuses Jack of wanting to be the hero to get himself out of trouble. to which Jack replies, “There’s no going back for me.” Then there’s a tick-tock, an explosion and another great one-liner from a gun-pointing Jack.

Based on the trailer, 24: Live Another Day looks like it will be another spectacularly hellish day for Jack Bauer. This time, though, it’s an abbreviated one. There are only 12 episodes of Live Another Day even though it is said to be representing a full day with real time elements.

For 24 fans who want a deeper look into the show, check out the “Jack Is Back” behind-the-scenes clips on YouTube, embedded here. The second video is probably the most insightful. It’s where we learn that Chloe is going through her rebel hacker phase. Yes! We also get a peek into this season’s villain, played by Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones). The fourth clip explains some of the real world influences on this season, including WikiLeaks, drones and government surveillance.

The show returns to its old spot on Mondays, starting May 5.

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