Fox’s Extension Request for Daredevil Rights Denied

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20th Century Fox’s request for an extension for their Daredevil movie has been denied, therefore the film rights will revert back to Marvel Studios in October. Fox had purchased a Serpico-esque pitch from director Joe Carnahan which they were keen on making; however, they decided meeting the deadline was too much of a challenge.

So, Marvel Studios now has both Daredevil and The Punisher in their stable of usable characters. Could this mean we’ll see a nice, gritty crime thriller featuring the two of them? The characters have crossed paths on more than one occasion in the comics, so it’s definitely doable.

As thrilled as I am to see Marvel reacquire the rights to these characters, I’m a bit bummed we’ll never see Carnahan’s movie. That is, unless Marvel buys his pitch and allows him to make it with them.

What type of films would you like to see featuring Daredevil and the Punisher?

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