Newly Developed GMO Purple Tomato Could Fight Cancer

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In an interesting turn of events there may just be a shift in opinions of GMO treated foods.

Take the following news as you’d like, but it is indeed a scientific breakthrough in a cure for cancer that could potentially save a lot of lives. A new preventative method has been discovered in purple tomatoes. Yes, purple tomatoes.

While popular opinion seems to be increasingly against GMO treated foods in general, a recent creation has shed some light on the more positive possibilities in genetic tampering. GMO purple tomatoes are being grown and harvested in Ontario, Canada that have been altered to contain larger doses of anthocyanins, which contain antioxidants believed to fight cancer.

The funny looking Frankenfruit tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse with a controlled environment. Later they are hand selected to have the juice squeezed out of them while the seeds and plants are lit on fire to prevent cross-contamination. Seems like a harsh preventative measure but who knows what could happen if this grew out of control? Little Shop of Horrors fans could only hope that Audrey II could be in our future, cause you know tampered foods could lead to some crazy monstrosities. Why else would they set the seeds on fire?

In all seriousness though, this month an estimated 528 gallons of the purple tomato juice will be sent to Britain to be tried out by heart patients as the Daily Mail reports. In addition to being cancer-fighting, anthocyanins in the tomatoes also battles cardiovascular disease. This is all still very much in the early phase of trials as the tomato has been tampered with for a few years but seems to finally be available in Europe and Canada for trials (They’re more lenient on GM regulations).

Provided a change of opinion on GMO foods occurs, these purple tomatoes could be a really good thing if health benefits are proven to be effective over the years as studies go on.

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