Funko and Super7 Create Amazing 70′s Inspired 3 Inch Figures

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Back in the late '70s toy producer Kenner decided to follow up the success of their Star Wars figures line by taking another potentially hot movie and creating figures for it.

This movie was Alien. The fact the film got an R rating it put a halt on the toy companies plans. However some items did get made like this incredible inappropriate, yet awesome looking alien figure.

Some of the more intriguing figures where never produced. These involved a line of 3 3/4 inch figures (similar in style to the Star Wars line) which included Ripley and a few of the cast as well as the ever popular Alien. Jump to 2013 and Super7 and Funko (two popular toy companies in their own right) combined forces to bring these previously never seen figures to light.

super 7 funko toys aliens 600x415 Funko and Super7 Create Amazing 70s Inspired 3 Inch Figures

Now in 2014 it seems these were just the start of something truly inspiring, a whole line of figures based on different movie stars. You have such diverse characters like Doc Brown, Sloth, Pinhead, the Nightmare before Christmas cast and possibly the most exciting, the crew from Joss Whedon’s Firefly. With almost 60 figures scheduled for launch throughout 2014, it is tricky to put all of them down into one article, but here are some of Geek’s personal favorites.

The deliberately basic sculpts make you think back to a simpler time, when pin point accurate sculpts and multi-jointed figures were not available and a child needed a little more imagination to make the figures come to life. Well those same children have now grown up into adults who will no doubt be picking these up to get a great retro filled buzz. This is certainly what happened to me when I saw these delightful figures. You can see the complete set of figures at Entertainment Earth website and can purchase them for $9.99. With release dates ranging from April to October of this year. this may be all we see for 2014, but with so many figures to choose from you can be safe in the knowledge that this duo of toy making powerhouses are committed to bringing us these incredible toys and one of your favorites will likely be in there. Who knows they may have some more surprises for 2014?

While waiting for the figures to be released however you could always take a peek at these specially made glasses from Super 7 which is released in December.

super 7 funko toys aliens glasses 600x544 Funko and Super7 Create Amazing 70s Inspired 3 Inch Figures

Images: Super7, Funko, Entertainment Earth

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