Game of Thrones: Funko Unleashes New Figures In Time for Season Four!

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You may have thought that winter was behind us now, but for Game of Thrones fans winter is coming soon.

The fourth season of the hugely popular adaption of George R.R.Martin’s books returns to screens in April, and excitement is at an all-time high. To tie in with this occasion Funko are releasing some action figures based on the characters from the series.

Funko is the company that recently released a ton of retro style movie figures with their ReAction series along with the company Super 7. They have also made their own version of the Game of Thrones characters with the very popular Pop! Vinyl figures and Mystery Minis series.

funko game of thrones figures mystery mini Game of Thrones: Funko Unleashes New Figures In Time for Season Four!

funko game of thrones figures pop vinyl 600x337 Game of Thrones: Funko Unleashes New Figures In Time for Season Four!

Now the detail on those figures is great (even though it is done in a basic modelling style) and ties into the retro design the company are going for perfectly. These new Game of Thrones figures follow that same pattern of highly detailed quality figures. Below is the proposed first line of figures which can be seen on Entertainment Earth.

The detail on the figures looks great but wil need closer inspection to see exactly how good the facial sculpts are. From the image shown they mostly look quite accurate, especially The Hound and Ned Stark figures. What is easy to see is the attention to detail on the figures clothing as well as the superb box art. Not only does it have each of the characters houses and their emblem, they are also numbered so you know exactly which figures you have in the series. Framing each figure perfectly these boxes are pieces of art in of themselves.

With so many different characters to choose from it must have been difficult to narrow it down to a select few, and they managed to cover a wide range of the vast cast. No doubt many a fan will be pleased about John Snow’s inclusion in the mix and fan favourites Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen.

This line will be released in April 2014, and is available for pre-order now. They retail from $19.99 so hopefully can be on your shelves in time for the new season. No doubt Funko will be releasing more of these figures in the future so keep checking Geek for more details as they arrive.

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