G4′s Attack of the Show and X-Play to End in December

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In 2002, Comcast launched G4 with a line-up of eleven shows devoted to various aspects of the video game world. Two years after that, they acquired TechTV and merged it with their fledgling video game network. The Result, G4TechTV, attempted to appeal to the demographics each channel catered to. Eventually, though, most of the TechTV programing was expunged from their schedule. This led to another net change – G4TechTV became G4.

G4 will undergo yet another makeover next year. This time, according to TV Guide, it will be transformed into an “upscale, sophisticated guy TV space.” Step one in the reinvention plan: axing X-Play and Attack of the Show. These were the network’s longest-running shows and their last with direct ties to TechTV.

In 1998, X-Play launched with ZDTV (TechTV’s original moniker) as GamespotTV. Much like its network home, it would go through multiple name and format changes before finding one it was comfortable with. In April 2012, co-host and writer Adam Sessler, the one on-camera personality that stayed with the show through all its iterations, left to pursue other opportunities. With today’s announcement, one wonders if he saw the end was nigh. Sessler was replaced with Blair Heter; he and Morgan Webb will be the final two hosts of the show.

Attack of the Show emerged from the ashes of another ZDTV launch show, The Screensavers. In lieu of focusing on what the show it replaced covered, AoTS followed pop culture with a few dashes of technology thrown in. This, of course, didn’t go over too well with fans of The Screensavers. For evidence, visit your favorite online petition website and search “TechTV Bring Back The Sreensavers.”

A finale for each show will air in December with lots of celebrity guests and former co-hosts in tow. Will you be watching?

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