Gearbox Completes Work on Borderlands 2, Now Working on DLC

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Work on Borderlands 2 has official come to an end! Today, Gearbox Studios posted an update on their blog letting us know that the game has entered the certification phase. So, provided things go smoothly with the suits, the game will easily meet its previously announced release date, September 18.

mechromancer1 Gearbox Completes Work on Borderlands 2, Now Working on DLC

Now, the development team is working on crafting DLC to rival the quality of what was released for the original Borderlands. First up for post-release content: the Mechromancer Character Class (see photo above), which was first announced last April at Pax East. The Mechromancer is a female cyborg with the ability to command mechs, including the D374-TOP, aka Deathtrap.

Members of Gearbox’s Premiere Club (pre-ordering from Amazon, Best Buy or Gamestop gets you in) will be able to download the Mechromancer DLC for free “60 to 90” days after the game releases. The content will eventually be available to the general public for a nominal fee.

A couple days ago, Gearbox revealed that Borderlands 2’s campaign would take an impressiveness 58 hours to complete. You can likely expect several add-ons to follow the game’s release, too. Could this be the last game any of us will have to buy? Stay tuned.

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