Geek Anime Review: Spice and Wolf

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The series certainly weaves plenty of business talk in every episode, which is unique to say the least.

When a beautiful girl with wolf ears and tail suddenly appears in Lawrence’s cart, the travelling merchant learns that she is the mythical deity, Holo, the wise wolf. The two quickly agree to become travelling companions as Lawrence moves from town to town in his pursuit for profit and Holo moves closer to her goal of making it back to her homeland in the north.

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With an old world Europe-like setting as the backdrop, the unlikely pair travels from town to town, furthering each of their goals. Each town they enter presents its own set of challenges and sometimes, danger. As the two argue their differences and fight through adversity, the merchant and wolf become more dependent on each other than they realize.

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If you’ve ever longed for a dose of economics class with your anime, this series provides quite a few treats for you. If you’re like myself and never gave that a single thought, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how entertaining business can be when discussed between a traveling salesman and a cute wolf-god.

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It’s not all business however, with a healthy touch of romance and a whole lot of drama and adventure, the story is well rounded and full of intrigue. With the first season setting the stage, the second season’s 12 episodes really move fast.

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The story and character development of Spice and Wolf flows well from episode to episode and the characters are quite likeable. By the end of the story, I was fully onboard and dreading their arrival to Holo’s northern home which marks the end of their journey and thus, the series. The dynamic between the two as well as other characters they meet as they travel is fun to see develop. The English language voiceover effort of the main characters is superb.

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Funimation’s Spice and Wolf Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack contains both seasons of the series which is constituted of 25 episodes on four DVD discs as well as four Blu-Ray discs. The box set comes with an outer slipcase over a clear blue plastic Blu-Ray case. Both the slipcover and inner cover feature the same artwork on front, spine, and back.

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The plastic case holds eight discs with the help of four swinging “page” holders. Four DVDs and four Blu-Ray discs are included.

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The inside of the inner cover features a table of contents for each of the disc’s episodes as well as additional art of a quite nude Holo. (That’s for the fan service Funimation!)

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The packaging has 26 episodes printed in its spec box, but there are actually 25 episodes in the series.

Genres: Drama, Bishoujo, Fantasy, Moe, Romance, Supernatural
Rating: TV-14
Episodes: 25
Feature Runtime: 650 minutes
Audio Languages: English and Japanese
Subtitle Language: English
Special Features (Blu-Ray): “Studying” with Holo, “Stretching” with Holo Yoitz Style, Textless Songs, and Trailers
Aspect Ratio: 16:9



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