Geek Approved New Music – Corin Tucker Band and Grizzly Bear

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Might be time to inquire into whether or not your local record store has a layaway policy with the big names available today. We’re only discussing Corin Tucker and Grizzly Bear, but Menomena (Moms), Dinosaur Jr. (I Bet on Sky) and Woods (Bend Beyond) all drop new albums today too. (Check out our reviews of Dinosaur Jr. and Woods in issue 3 of Geek, out in October.)

Corin Tucker Band
Kill My Blues
Kill Rock Stars

1,000 Years, Corin Tucker’s first solo album after Sleater-Kinney’s breakup showcased a musician in transition. She sounded like a maturing musician, ready to step out of her Riot Grrl roots and quit hollering quite so much. The mellower album was a nice change of pace, and stood in direct contrast to the boot-stomping Wild Flag, which houses the two other members of Sleater-Kinney (Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss). But, as Kill My Blues proves, you can’t fully take the riot out of the grrl. 1,000 Years was a great changeup. Kill My Blues is a great return to form. Can’t wait to see what Ms. Tucker does next.

Check out “Groundhog Day” from Kill My Blues here:

Grizzly Bear

Count me among those who thought there was no way Grizzly Bear would be able to top 2009’s Veckatimist. And I’m sure people were saying the same thing about that album following up 2006’s stellar Yellow House. I’m not sure if Shield tops its predecessor in terms of catchy songs, but its intimate, powerfully emotive feel certainly makes the competition close. I’m continually amazed by how the band keeps rock music forward-looking and also incredibly listenable. Shield will, at least, soundtrack my entire autumn.

Grizzly Bear recently performed the track “Sleeping Ute” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It was awesome:

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