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There are actually quite a few good releases this week, but with the massive 45th anniversary box set release of The Velvet Underground & Nico landing this week, we thought it’d be appropriate to simply highlight John Cale, one of the creative geniuses behind that perfect album. His Shifty Adventures in Nooky Wood lands digitally today and in physical stores next Tuesday.

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Shifty Adventures in Nooky Wood
Double Six

A delightfully weird album, Shifty Adventures in Nooky Wood is absolutely not the album you’d expect a 70-year-old to create. Except, maybe, John Cale. Cale’s had such a varied career, from his time in the Velvet Underground, to Paris 1919 to now, it’s difficult to compare his works against each other. On its own, Shifty Adventures contemporizes Krautrock while maintaining a healthy playfulness. It’s dated just enough to be pretty damn cool, and Cale’s electronic compositions scorch today’s self-taught amateurs.

Check out Cale’s video for “Face to the Sky” here:

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