Geek Beams Down To Las Vegas For The Official Star Trek Convention

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Aliens from a thousand worlds will converge on The Rio Suites Hotel & Convention Center for this year’s annual spectacular Star Trek Vegas Convention from Creation Entertainment.

Joining the festivities (July 30-Aug 3) will be Geek Magazine, which will host a panel – “GEEK’S Tribute To 50 Years of Star Trek: From The Cage To Today” – featuring a fantastic array of legendary Treksperts including Geek founding publisher Mark A. Altman (writer/producer, Free Enterprise, Deep Space Nine #0: Terok Nor), Scott Mantz (chief film critic, Access Hollywood) Edward Gross (contributing editor, GEEK), David Rogers (director/producer of The Mindy Project, The Office, Free Enterprise TV pilot), Daren Dochterman (visual effects supervisor, Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Directors’ Edition), Robert Meyer Burnett (producer/editor, Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Rays), David E. Williams (editor-in-chief, GEEK), Marc Cushman (writer, “Sarek,” Star Trek: The Next Generation, These Are The Voyages) and Chase Masterson (actress, Deep Space Nine). The panelists will discuss fifty years of Star Trek and how Gene Roddenberry’s “The Cage” changed science fiction television forever.

In addition to the Geek panel on Saturday, August 2nd, the star-studded event featuring over 100 guests from the world of Trek will include superstar William Shatner (Sunday only), Scott Bakula (Saturday only), Avery Brooks (Friday only), and Kate Mulgrew (Saturday only).

mccoy3 300x296 Geek Beams Down To Las Vegas For The Official Star Trek ConventionOther notables set to appear include: from the latest Star Trek feature film, Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy, Thursday only), Peter Weller (Admiral Marcus, Sunday only) and Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike, Sunday only); from classic Star Trek Walter Koenig (Chekov, Sunday only), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura, Thursday only) Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand, Friday only), author Harlan Ellison and many more.

In addition to celebrities, the non-stop theatrical show will include behind-the-scenes presentations, costume and trivia contests, no minimum bid auctions of unique collectibles and one-of-a-kind items, and special fan-made music videos. The exhibit hall will boast major companies and distributors selling and displaying Star Trek and sci-fi collectibles from across the nebula.

NASA joins the Las Vegas Convention for the first time with two special panels. On Friday, “Living in a Crowded Universe” presented by Brian Day, director of Communication and Outreach at the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute, will address the recent finding that we are not the only solar system in the galaxy. Even the moon is showing a new face. There is now direct evidence that the building blocks of life are being made all around us in space and are raining down on us all of the time. On Sunday, the “To Boldly Go” panel presented by John Marmie, Deputy Division Chief for the Programs and Projects Management Division at NASA Ames Research Center, will address NASA’s vision for deep space exploration.

Along with night time Star Trek themed parties, a Saturday Night event will be the Salute to the Music of Star Trek, performed by fifty members of the famed Nevada Pops under the direction of Musical Director and Conductor, Richard McGee. The concert will take place Saturday, August 2 at 9:30 PM (a separate ticket required).

A special Cosplay Focus Day is planned for Saturday, with over 2,000 attendees expected to be in full Trek regalia. Emmy Award-winning costume designer Robert Blackman (Star Trek: TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise), Academy Award-winner and nine-time Emmy Award-winner Michael Westmore, the legendary makeup designer and artist (Star Trek: TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise) and Star Trek make-up maestro John Paladin will all be appearing. For the first time Terry Farrell will participate with Michael Westmore in live on-stage demonstration as he transforms her into her character, Dax. Also, on Cosplay Focus Day there will be costume and make-up workshops, Garak’s Tailor and Repair (a free service for all attendee’s costume repairs) and giant meet-ups where maximum size photo ops will be offered.

General admission tickets are available in advance or at the door and start at $35 for single day general admission tickets and $149 for general admission weekend tickets.

Image: Star Trek Las Vegas, Paramount Pictures

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