Geek Celebrates Friday the 13th – Voorhees Style!

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Friday the 13th is here again, and for most people with brains as riddled with graphic violence as mine is, that screams 'Jason Voorhees'.

With 32 credits on his IMDb page since 1980, it’s easy to see how he’s become a big part of popular culture. From starring roles in movies to guest spots on cartoons and TV shows, Jason is one of the most recognizable characters of all time. Here is a list of some of our favorite moments in Voorhees lore…

10. Jason goes Mainstream

Before going to New York, Jason went to Hollywood to guest on the Arsenio Hall Show. This interview really gave some depth to Jason that had been previously missing.

9. Fox Animation

Jason takes a more kind hearted approach in some of Fox’s more popular programming

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8. Jason takes a Science Class

Ever curious, Mr. Voorhees yearns for the knowledge provided in biology class. Teacher’s pet.

7. Camping Lessons

Jason tries to educate our youth on the dangers of camping. Also put out your campfire, never feed the bears, and lock your tent.

6. The Weigh-In

Jason and his old pal Freddy put on a show for the masses leading into their famous charity bout. You know, like Thunder Lips and Rocky…

5. Celebrity Feud

It’s well documented that Jason and pop legend Rebecca Black don’t see eye to eye on much. These are just some of the examples of their strenuous relationship…

tumblr lvay9zyjsw1qc309yo1 500 Geek Celebrates Friday the 13th  Voorhees Style!

4. Demon’s Shitbox Seranade 

For some reason I just can’t get enough of actor Miguel A. Núñez Jr. belting out this wonderful tune that consists of three words total. Pay attention men, this is a sure fire way to charm any woman into your waiting arms after eating some rancid “damn” enchiladas.

3. Vic Loves Mentos, and Hates Fat People Named Joey

So the fifth entry in the Friday the 13th franchise certainly isn’t the best. Hell, it didn’t even have the actual Jason Voorhees in the movie! But that doesn’t mean that it was not entertaining as hell. Taking place on a young looney farm (or mental health placement for the PC), one of the residents named Joey offers another resident named Vic a bite of his candy bar. The biggest problem with this scenario is that Joey is an annoying crazy person and Vic is an annoyed crazy person – with an axe. Watch below in the Mentos rendition of the scene as hilarity ensues. Who says you need Jason in a Friday the 13th movie!

2. Family Man

What a great moment it was when Jason and his mother took this candid shot. What a good son. Really touching…

tumblr lxqtd20a1r1qctv90o1 500 Geek Celebrates Friday the 13th  Voorhees Style!

1. Jason’s Kills in Two Minutes 

If you skim Youtube, you’ll find dozens of these kill reels. But this one caught the spirit of the character by showcasing all of Jason’s movie kills up till now in breakneck fashion. And yes, there is more than one neck break in there.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Images: The Arsenio Hall Show, Fox Animation,
New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures

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