Geek Exchange is Looking for Freelance Writers!

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That's right, we are looking to expand and are looking for new writers to add to our fold.

We are currently looking to add a Tech & Science writer, but are also looking for other additions to the team. Want the info? Let’s cover our bases with the 5 W’s.


who da man doctor who Geek Exchange is Looking for Freelance Writers!

You. Yeah, you. I thought that was pretty straight forward. Are you a Tech expert? Geek? Nerd? Movie Buff? Gamer? Heavy Reader? Do you just have a lot of time on your hands? Are you a dedicated believer in the power of words and have established yourself as a sultan of sentences? Love the magazine? You just might be who we are looking for.


what Geek Exchange is Looking for Freelance Writers!

We are looking for 3-5 articles a week (of at least 300 words) that cover a variety of topics you know and love. As we said above, we are specifically looking for a tech writer with an interest in geeky topics like Movies, TV, Science, Video Games, Comics, and general Internet tomfoolery. We always have assignments for you but are also looking for a dedicated writer who is able to pitch articles for approval based on their passions and interests.


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Here. Geek Exchange. It’s a website. That you are on right now. It’s called Geek Exchange. It’s on your computer or tablet or phone. Right now.


Garth Live in the Now Geek Exchange is Looking for Freelance Writers!

Now. That’s why we put up this ad. Because it’s happening. Why now? Because we are an ever evolving site in the process of building a solid brand, and we need more people to be a part of it!


Ryan Reynolds But Why Geek Exchange is Looking for Freelance Writers!

Why would you want to join up with Geek Exchange, despite the fact that we are clearly awesome?There are a lot of reasons. This could be the start of your future writing career, a hobby you wish to pursue or a notch on your resume. We pay using our freelancer scale based on the size and content of articles. Join our online community of fans, writers, editors, and professional acquaintances to help grow your writing cred or to just meet some new and interesting people.

And Finally, How?

Loki Tell Me Geek Exchange is Looking for Freelance Writers!

Well, the how is simple. Send an email to:

Tell us about yourself. What are your interests/passions/goals? Please include samples/ links to your work and be prepared to answer a few questions to properly test your geek cred.

That’s it! You could start writing for Geek Exchange after just a few simple steps. Easy, right? We look forward to hearing from you!

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