The Geek Exchange Podcast 003: It’s Not Easy Being Green

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We are back with another episode of The GEEK Exchange Podcast and not to spoil anything, but the entire editorial staff gets fired.

How can a discussion about Game of Thrones, Amazing Spider-Man, and Justice League lead to such actions? Take a listen below to The GEEK Exchange Podcast Episode 003: It’s Not Easy Being Green!

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Links to topics covered in this episode:

- Detective Comics #27
- Bruce Timm’s “Batman: Strange Days” video
- Batman is the greatest fictional character in all of American fiction
- Superman 75th Anniversary

igloo 600x401 The Geek Exchange Podcast 003: Its Not Easy Being Green

This is the Canadian igloo we force Scott to record the podcast from. The acoustics suck in there.

- Looking forward to Arkham Knight
- Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Show
- Doctor Doom Casting News

Event Horizon was released in 1997 and so ends this list of successful films from Paul W.S. Anderson
- The 1960′s TV series, Batman, aired on ABC
The Daily Beast interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Game of Thrones recasting of Daario and Mountain
- Post credit scene featuring X-Men in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
- Grant Gustin is The Flash
Doctor Strange movie

Del Toros Justice League Leadin2 602x396 600x394 The Geek Exchange Podcast 003: Its Not Easy Being Green

Justice League Dark
100 Bullets
- Doctor Sleep: A Novel The Geek Exchange Podcast 003: Its Not Easy Being Green
Orphan Black season two
- 2048 (you will regret clicking this)

- We are sure Paul W.S. Anderson’s mother loves him even if we don’t
- Stephen Amell is fabulous and should be in any Justice League movie
- No firing of any staff occurred during the aftermath of recording this podcast

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