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Dutch musician Child of Lov drops a new album, and lets Geek know about his record collection.

There’s not a lot known about The Child of Lov. We know he’s from The Netherlands. He just revealed his name to the public: Cole Williams. We know Damon Albarn loves that music, and that he makes an appearance on The Child of Lov’s self-titled debut. We know New York rapper DOOM also makes an appearance on the album. We know he signed with Domino Records. We also think this is the best soul album put out by a white dude from The Netherlands ever.

Fortunately for Geek, The Child of Lov also decided to talk to us about his record collection, so we could learn a little more about him.

What is your absolute prized possession in your LP collection?

dangelo voodoo 300x300 Geek Music: My Collection  The Child of Lov A few months ago, D’Angelo’s Voodoo was reissued on vinyl. I was so happy I heard about it in time so I was able to pre-order one, because it is one of my favorite albums ever. I have searched for it on vinyl for so long. I could listen to that album every day.

What album in your collection took you on the greatest hunt?

I had been looking for The Lost Album by Lewis Taylor for a very long time before I found it. The reason is that Lewis Taylor does not put out music anymore, and he is apparently very disappointed with the music industry and doesn’t want to be found. His albums are very special, though, and worth the hunt.

What album in your collection was an absolute steal?

I remember buying N.E.R.D.’s Fly or Die and Justin Timberlake’s Justified two for the price of one, which was an absolute bargain. They are both wonderful albums, I think, and they have shaped me a lot in the period I first heard them.

What’s the best worst album in your collection?

Doesn’t exist. I grew up listening to mostly mp3s and stuff, so if I buy an album, I know it’s because I really like the music and wanna support the artist. I don’t buy bad albums, nor do I buy bad albums ironically, nor do I ever make mistakes.

What’s your favorite album you inherited from your parents?

It’s the other way around actually. When I moved out of the house, I left a lot of my CDs at my mom’s place because I listened to them on my computer most of the time anyway. Usually, she listens to a lot of Simon & Garfunkel type of stuff. I try to let her listen to stuff like James Brown or Stevie Wonder.

What’s your personal Holy Grail that you have yet to get your hands on?

prince black album Geek Music: My Collection  The Child of Lov An original copy of Prince’s Black Album. Prince did this great, angry, funky album, but then decided to withdraw it just before the official release. The result is that roughly 100 promotional copies existed, which have been widely bootlegged since. My dream is to once have one of those original promotional copies, though.

What’s the best record store near your hometown?

Forget all the places where you’re supposed to go in Amsterdam to buy records, like Concerto and stuff, where you’ll just find spoilt children buying overpriced records. Go to the Waterloo square, and you’ll find this great little stand that sells great soul and funk vinyl (Funkadelic, Michael Jackson, James Brown) for a great price. Just don’t tell anyone.

What’s the best record store to hit on tour?

I’m not someone who can listen to music all day. So when I’m on tour and not performing, I’d prefer some silence. There’s a time for everything, right?

Check out the video for “Heal”:

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