Geek Music News – Death Grips Give the Middle Finger to Their Record Label

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All year, Sacramento punk rap trio Death Grips have planned on releasing two new albums. The first, the highly acclaimed The Money Store, landed in April, while fans eagerly awaited an official date for the second.

Well, yesterday the band leaked the new album all by themselves on their website and the band’s Soundcloud… apparently before turning over the album to their record label. According to various Internet reports, the band’s label, Epic, wanted to release the album early next year instead of this fall as Death Grips had planned all along. The band’s website,, has since been shut down (they allege their label did it, but the label denies involvement) and restored. The album is also available for free download from Soundcloud if the official site closes again.

The album, dubbed No Love Deep Web, is closer in angry punk spirit to the band’s excellent 2011 mixtape, Exmilitary, rather than the sado-club feel of The Money Store. It also features the incredibly NSFW album artwork with the words “No Love Deep Web” written in marker on an erect penis. (No doubt another form of middle finger to their record label.)

I’d download No Love Deep Web sooner than later just in case Epic’s lawyers find a way to cease and desist the Soundcloud stream/download. It should be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out. Record labels have kept various artists (Tool, Fiona Apple, Outkast) quiet for quite a long time for various and often less egregious reasons. It’s clear, however, that Death Grips don’t really care about legal obligations or their label. Unless this is all just one big publicity stunt perpetrated by both sides. But given the nature of Death Grips and their music, I doubt it.

Download No Love Deep Web here. Again, a NSFW warning on the album cover:

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