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Before we begin, we want to make one thing clear: Agent M Loves Tacos.

In the event you were extremely busy yesterday and missed out on our exclusive Twitter interview with Marvel’s Ryan Penagos, the Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group and also known as Agent M, we’ve saved the conversation here so that you can treasure it for all time.

GEEK: Thanks for joining us today for this geek chat. How are you doing – and more importantly, how were those tacos today?
Ryan: Hey! Thanks for setting this up! The tacos were delicious! Toloache in midtown Manhattan: approved!

Wow, big news today with the Robert Downey Jr announcement of joining Avengers 2 & 3- your thoughts?
It’s awesome! icon smile GEEK Twitterview with Ryan Penagos aka Marvels Agent M I know fans were nervous, so RDJ for Avengers 2 & 3 was something we were extra delighted to announce.

Yes, fans were ecstatic. So now about you… When did you realize you were a geek?
I dunno, really. I was reading comics and playing NES when I was like 6 or 7 years old. I was a young geek!

NES rocks! What was your first Marvel character/comic to become a fan of and why?
I latched onto Wolverine & X-Men early. A chubby, nerdy kid with glasses in the ’80s: outcast! icon smile GEEK Twitterview with Ryan Penagos aka Marvels Agent M

Ha ha. We feel your pain icon smile GEEK Twitterview with Ryan Penagos aka Marvels Agent M What has been the biggest cultural changes around comics in the past few years?
Digital comics, for sure. That’s shifted how and where and when fans can read, and has helped us grow. And, of course, the Internet/social media. That’s made it SO easy for Marvel to communicate directly w/fans.

No doubt. What do you think is the biggest next evolutionary step for digital comics? Sound? Motion? Cheaper price?
Well, we announced ‪#ProjectGAMMA at SXSW, which adds sound in really cool ways. Can’t wait to show more.

Ur fans can’t wait! In comics, TV, or film, what is essential to making a superhero relevant in today’s culture?
It’s the core of character, the humanity. That’s what we do at Marvel. The Marvel Universe is YOUR universe.

Marvel has proven that. Beyond comics, geek culture has exploded in recent years- what do you attribute it to?
That’s tougher. It seems like people saw Iron Man & rad video games & realized geek culture is cool. Also, the young geeks grew up and got into more places of power and cool jobs. We won! icon smile GEEK Twitterview with Ryan Penagos aka Marvels Agent M

Ha, amen to that! The geeks (and nerds) have truly inherited the Earth icon smile GEEK Twitterview with Ryan Penagos aka Marvels Agent M Favorite geek movie and why? Go!
How do you classify that? Monster Squad? The Goonies? Revenge of the Nerds? Real Genius?

Good ones. Last Starfighter, Flash Gordon, and TRON for me icon smile GEEK Twitterview with Ryan Penagos aka Marvels Agent M
Oh man. Last Starfighter is dope. And Flight of the Navigator! SO many good flicks

Here is a random question. Finish this statement: “If I was in charge of the internet, I would…”
“…Add sloths and tacos to everything. Just, like, everywhere. So many sloths. So many tacos.”

Wurd. You mentioned social media earlier, how has Twitter impacted your role at Marvel or connecting with fans?
I got on Twitter after reading a ‪@Wired article in 2007. Invited ‪@Biz & ‪@Jack to ‪@Marvel HQ. SO glad I did. The immediacy, the ways in which we can communicate, the new connections we’ve made? Twitter’s the best. Twitter’s a part of our day to day. It’s necessary. It’s awesome.

Absolutely! What’s the biggest thing you are excited about in the near future- professionally or as a fan?
Easy: ‪@Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Knowing what I know…it’s just…wow. I can’t wait.

Our brains just melted. For our last question, What would you like comics fans should know about Marvel Digital?
We listen to feedback, we are ALWAYS working on updates & new things, & we love this stuff as much as you do.

And we thank you for that! As well as we thank you for our time together! Will you be at San Diego Comic-Con?
Thank YOU! I’ll be at ‪#SDCC, hosting live video direct from the ‪@Marvel booth, all show long!

Great- see you there! Thank you fans for tuning in, GEEK on, and Excelsior!

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