GEEK Magazine’s Smackdown Sees Stars

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Founding Publisher and editorial consultant for Geek Magazine, Mark A. Altman (Necessary Roughness, Femme Fatales, Castle, Free Enterprise) once again roped in a panel of geek luminaries for the 11th year of Starship Smackdown at ComicCon and fans were not disappointed. Thor/X-Men: First Class writer Ashley E. Miller, Free Enterprise director Robert Meyer Burnett, Red Star creator Chris Gossett, Clone Wars writer Steve Melching, former Twilight Zone writer Kay Reindl and Geek executive editor Jeff Bond joined Altman in this "scholarly" look at which spaceship would be victorious in a battle to earn the coveted Smackdown crown.

With free posters and magazines being given away to the 1000+ audience, the crowd was astonished when world famous astrophysicist and new Cosmos host, Neil DeGrasse Tyson weighed in with his opinion on who should win this year’s Smackdown. For the record it was the original Starship Enterprise, piloted by Captain America defeating the Starship Enterprise Refit piloted by Captain Quint from Jaws. Full video of the panel and more coverage will be available on a future Geek iPad edition available through the Apple Newsstand.

Here’s a spectator’s clip of Neil Degrasse Tyson arguing his case for the best ship in the Starship Smackdown

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