Get the Full Picture with the Dexter Season 8 Teaser

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The end is near for the nicest serial killer you ever knew.

For those who haven’t caught up with Dexter yet or have set it aside for other televised pursuits (there are lots of other serial killer shows on right now), I won’t spoil season 7′s shocking ending, but Dexter is barreling into its final season this June with reckless abandon and no one is safe! Let’s just say that too many people have seen Dexter’s true self and the results have been devastating, to say the least. Actually, let’s let the new teaser trailer from Showtime say it…

That’s right! We don’t have to wait until September to witness the final fate of Dexter (likely to put it into greater Emmy consideration, up against the final episodes of Breaking Bad). Dexter returns, with the bloody mess he’s made, Sunday, June 30th.

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