Godzilla Trailer Elicits Extremely Positive Response

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The new Godzilla trailer is out and it looks fantastic.

People are eating up the recently released trailer, and the world rejoiced as Godzilla made his famous roar, accompanied by Bryan Cranston captivating us with his voiceover throughout the Godzilla trailer. Before we step further into the breach, in case you haven’t viewed it yet…

Here’s what we know about the movie through the trailer: Those atomic bomb tests in the Pacific? Apparently they were not tests, but attacks towards the mighty beast from the East. Of course, keeping this hidden during the increasing path of destruction becomes futile as our favorite monster attacks and leaves his mark wherever he pleases, including on a damaged Statue of Liberty.

We know that the cast is amazing, led by the aforementioned Bryan Cranston and featuring other terrific actors and actresses such as Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. We also know that Gareth Edwards, responsible for the underrated Monsters, is behind the helm for this disaster flick. It has been a slow burn in getting information released but this trailer has provided the biggest peak behind the curtain so far. We get to see a bit more of the iconic monster, as well as his human co-stars, and the excitement level is rising.

Hopefully May 16, 2014 will come as soon as possible so we can all revel in this summer movie. Thoughts on the new trailer? Be sure to post a comment below or on the Geek Facebook page!

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