Google Glass In the Real World

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Google Glass may still be the butt of jokes, but one group has set out to show the potential of the wearable computer unit.

From SNL to late night monologues, Google Glass has been an easy target for writers for quite some time now. The much maligned project has been around for years but it is only recently that we’ve gotten a better look at the actual functionality of a computer mounted in eyeglasses that one can wear and still go about their daily lives.

While that looks very interesting, there aren’t many of us who spend a lot of our time making ice sculptures or jumping out of airplanes. One would have to imagine the percentage of people taking trapeze lessons is equally as small.

Thankfully through Google’s “early adopter” program, companies have received the eyewear and are now showing the consumers just what to expect from Google Glass. Digital creative agency,¬†Purple, Rock, Scissors, recently had the chance to try out Google Glass for themselves and put together this video to showcase some of the ways this new tech can be useful in day to day activities.

Let’s be honest… while it’s pretty certain there are still kinks to be worked out, judging by that video alone, Google Glass doesn’t seem like quite the joke it was before. A personal trainer, tour guide, realtor, and home monitoring service? Who wouldn’t want more information on a potential home invasion? Or have the ability to perfect your jump shot?

There has been no firm release date set as of yet, but Google is still holding to their announcement that Google Glass will be available in “early 2014″ with a pricepoint of $1,500.

Will you be first in line for a product that while many call silly, none can deny is a bold next step in technology geared towards every day use?

Image: Collin Lee

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